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We Do It To Ourselves

We are losing the thread. We are being conditioned to lose the thread. We must be more responsible in how we obtain and process our news. We need to stop regurgitating snippets of raw, unprocessed data collected in social media headlines and short TV news segments wedged between commercials for erection pills and eczema creams that cause side effects worse than eczema, and instead synthesize that data into information. We need to stop letting media outlets control the way we think, because while we do have a right to an opinion, that right should only be exercised through the responsible processing of well-sourced, fully-ingested information.

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The Age of Shame and Reason

Shame is the emotion that, as children, guided our moral compass and proved our maturation. When a less evolved classmate attempted to shame a member of your cohort, you found out which kids were made of real stuff by the group that stepped forward and used their voices to decimate the shamer. The act of shaming a person has only one mirror image: the act of kindness. Which side of that equation do you want to be on?

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