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Ari Halbkram is an entertainment and business brand consultant, A&R manager, podcaster, filmmaker, and writer. Visit his site to learn more.

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Who Watches The Watchmen?

I once declared that Mark Zuckerberg would one day run for president, positing that his global reach and his ability to disrupt a system by building a bigger system might be a good fit for the most powerful leader in the world. As it turns out, POTUS would be a step down for the world’s youngest billionaire.

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This One Goes Out To The Fellas

So many of the women in my life have confided “me too” to me for years. They’ve been telling it to you, too. Or they’ve been trying to say it. Or they’ve been scared to say it. Or they’ve been exhausted to say it. There’s room for all of us to grow.

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